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  • Physical Series: California Citrus Box Labels
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    • Mariposa Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000391
    • 1890-1900
    • Image of two butterflies visiting a cluster of five flowers. "Northern / California / Oranges"--text, middle right. "Packed by / California / Citrus union / Tulare County."--text, within red flag, lower right. "Mutual Label & Lith. Co. S.F."--text....
    • Halo Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000288
    • 1890-1900
    • Image of an orange radiating like the sun on a purple background. "Mutual Label & Lith. Co. S.F."--text, lower right margin.
    • Stearns' Highland Oranges.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000712
    • 1900-1910
    • Image of title lettering in a rectangle panel with branches of lemons and oranges in background. "Packed by / California Citrus Union / Highland, / San Bernardino, Co. / Cal."--text, lower right. "Mutual Label & Lith. Co. S. F."--text, lower left.
    • Silver Moon.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000679
    • 1910-1920
    • Image of a silver moon over a mission with a lemon grove and mountains in background. "San Fernando Heights Lemon Co. / San Fernando, Cal."--text, lower right. "Western Litho. Co. Los Angeles, Cal. 11-16"--text, lower right margin.
    • Holly Wreath Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000309
    • 1910-1920
    • Image of a holly wreath framing title lettering. "Packed by / California / Citrus Union / Yulare County."--text, upper center within red flag. "Northern California Oranges"--text, lower left to right within yellow scroll. "8"--text, lower left...
    • Holsum.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000310
    • 1910-1920
    • Image of an orange grove, Spanish mission, palm trees and mountains in a center cartouche; orange cluster overlaps design on right. "Central California / Citrus Exchange / Lindsay, California"--lower left. "Schmidt Litho. Co."--text, lower left...
    • Telmo Oranges.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000749
    • 1890-1900
    • Image of two oranges, blossoms and leaves in a circle panel on a floral pattern background. "Mutual Label & Lith. Co. S. F."--text, lower left.
    • Triumph Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000777
    • 1900-1910
    • Image of a woman holding a wreath painting Triumph Brand on a mural of orange groves with mountains and cloudy sky; Citrus California Union logo topped with two pink roses at lower right. "Schmidt Litho. Co. L.A."--text, bottom left margin.
    • Bronco Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000086
    • 1890-1900
    • Image of a cowboy riding his horse in the desert and preparing to throw his lasso. "Redlands Oranges"--text, middle right. "Packed by / California Citrus Union / Redlands, San Bernardino County."--text, lower left."Mutual Label & Lith. Co. S....
    • Carnation Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000116
    • 1890-1900
    • Image of three oranges inside a wreath of red carnations. "Packed by / California Citrus Union / Riverside / County"--text upper centered. "Fruit shippers California"--text, lower center. "Mutual Label & Lith. Co. S. F.--text, lower left corner.
    • Tropical Queen.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000779
    • 1890-1900
    • Image of woman in Victorian dress standing on a box picking oranges and placing them into crates. "Packed by / California Citrus Union / California"--text, upper left. "Mutual Label & Lith. Co. S.F."--text, bottom left margin.
    • Rough Rider.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000620
    • 1900-1910
    • Image of Teddy Roosevelt as a cavalry Rough Rider in his military uniform and riding his horse, Little Texas. "Grown at / Oroville / and / Palermo / Butte / County"--text, middle right. "Packed by / California Citrus / Union. / California."--text,...
    • Golden West Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000274
    • 1920-1930
    • Image of an orange grove with mountains in background; California Citrus Cash Co-Operative logo at lower right. "California Citrus Cash Co-operative / Main office / Riverside - Calif."--text, lower right in logo. "Litho. In U.S.A.-Western Litho....
    • Oakmont Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000455
    • 1890-1900
    • Image of a large oak tree with an orange grove and mountains in background. "Grown & packed by / California Citrus Union / California."--text, lower center. "Mutual Label & Lith. Co. S.F.--text, lower right.
    • Comparative Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000875
    • Undated
    • Image of text on a sign-like design. "No. 201"--handwritten, upside down, top right margin. "Grown and packed by / California Citrus Lands and Packing Co. / Lemon Cove, Tulare Co. / California"--text, bottom centered. "Western Litho. Co., Los...
    • Sunny Cal.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000730
    • 1930-1940
    • Image of a California map with San Francisco, Los Angeles and Irwindale indicated on it; sun with rays at upper right and two oranges with blossoms at lower right; wrapped Sunkist orange logo at lower left. "Irwindale Citrus Assn. / Irwindale,...
    • Honora Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000316
    • c1919
    • Image of a tipped sugar bowl and oranges on a table; orange grove and pagoda in background viewed through window with curtains; California Red Ball logo at lower right. "Washington Navels"--Text, centered above title. "Sweet-Test"--text, centered...
    • Levis-Goodale Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000365
    • c1919
    • Image of orange segments on a plate with whole and peeled oranges to the side; wrapped Sunkist orange logo at lower left. "Oranges for health"--text, middle left. "Grown & packed by / California Citrus Lands / and Packing Company. / Lemon Cove, /...


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