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  • Physical Series: California Citrus Box Labels
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    • Highland Beauty Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000303
    • 1930-1940
    • Image of a woman wearing a halter top and shorts, holding an oversize orange while reclining on orange crates. "California Keystone Citrus Co., Inc. / Highland, San Bernardino County, California"--text lower centered.
    • Mariposa Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000391
    • 1890-1900
    • Image of two butterflies visiting a cluster of five flowers. "Northern / California / Oranges"--text, middle right. "Packed by / California / Citrus union / Tulare County."--text, within red flag, lower right. "Mutual Label & Lith. Co. S.F."--text....
    • Touchdown Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000765
    • 1900-1910
    • Image of a boy on a grass field clutching a lemon like a football; lemon grove and mountains in background.
    • Benefit Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000054
    • 1930-1940
    • Image of diagonal title lettering in dark blue panel; Hypo-Clor and Flavorseal logo at bottom center. "From Selected Groves of California"--text, upper left. "Orange Belt / Fruit Distributors / Main office / Pomona, California / Product of...
    • Yorba Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000846
    • 1910-1920
    • Image of intersecting title letters in a circle with lemons and leaves on a branch in background; gold Sunkist circle logo at upper left. "Grown & packed by / The Yorba Linda / Citrus Ass'n. / Yorba Linda, / California."--text, lower right....
    • Cal Fame.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000095
    • 1930-1940
    • Image of block title letters on diagonal lines with "Cal Fame" on orange above; "California Oranges / Product of U.S.A. / Paramount Citrus Assn. Inc. / Main Office, San Fernando / California"--text, on diagonal from lower left to lower right....
    • Extractor Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000215
    • 1920-1930
    • Image of a juicer filling a glass with orange juice as a hand holds the glass in place. "California / Juice / Oranges."--text, upper left. "Klink Citrus Assn. / Ivanhoe - Tulare Co. - California."--text, lower center.
    • Star Kiss Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000711
    • 1930-1940
    • Image of a woman in a hat looking up at two Star Kiss oranges. "Star Kiss"--text, on oranges. "Product of U.S.A. Paramount Citrus Association Inc. / San Fernando-Porterville, Calif."--text, lower left to right. "Stecher-Traung S. F., Calif."--text,...
    • Stewart Lotus Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000713
    • 1910-1920
    • Image of water lilies in a pond with trees in background; Sunkist Oranges sunburst logo at left. "Grown exclusively on our own groves"--text, middle left. Selling Agents / O.K. / Fruit Exchange"--text, middle right. "Stewart Citrus Ass'n. / Upland,...
    • Cannon Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000112
    • 1910-1920
    • Image of two soldiers firing a cannon; third soldier in background views results with binoculars. "Foot-Hill / Oranges"--text, upper right. "Grown / and / packed / The Exeter Citrus / Association"--text, lower left. "Exeter / Tulare Co. /...
    • Dependable Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000175
    • c1926
    • Image of a railroad crossing signal with an orange at its base; Red Ball logo at bottom center. "Grown & packed by / El Cajon Valley Citrus Assn. / El Cajon, San Diego Co., Calif."--text, lower right. "Copyright 1926 El Cajon Valley Citrus Assn....
    • Airship Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000009
    • 1930-1940
    • Image of a monoplane over water with ship in background; wrapped Sunkist orange logo at lower left. "Washington Navels"--text, top center margin. "Grown and / Packed by Fillmore Citrus Fruit Ass'n. / Fillmore, / Ventura Co., California"--text,...
    • Ultra Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000790
    • 1920-1930
    • Image of an orange with leaves and blossoms at the center of a radial, sun-like design contained in a rectangle; wrapped Sunkist Oranges logo in lower left corner. "Grown and packed by / Grand View Heights Citrus Ass'n / Ultra - California / P.O....
    • Skyrocket Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000686
    • 1920-1930
    • Image of fireworks exploding over silhouettes of exposition buildings at night; wrapped Sunkist orange logo at lower right. "Grown and packed by / Exeter Citrus Ass'n. / Exeter, California"--text, lower left.
    • Cascade O' Gold Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000118
    • 1930-1940
    • Image of diagonal title lettering with wrapped Sunkist orange logo at lower left. "Grown and packed by / Exeter Citrus Assn. / Exeter, California:--text, lower right. "Produce Of U. S. A."--text, lower center. "Reg. U. S. Pat. Off."--text, lower...
    • Golden Trail Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000271
    • 1930-1940
    • Image of a prospector and a loaded pack mule standing on a rock ledge overlooking an orange grove with mountains in background; wrapped Sunkist orange logo at lower left. "Washington Navels"--text, upper left. "Grown and packed by / Tule River /...
    • Sarape.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000642
    • 1930-1940
    • Image of title letters arranged diagonally on a red and green diamond design; wrapped Sunkist orange logo at lower right. "Valencias"--text, upper center. "El Ranchito Citrus Assn. / Rivera, California"--text, center left on a ascending diagonal....
    • Skyrocket Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000687
    • 1930-1940
    • Image of title lettering on a diagonal line; wrapped Sunkist orange logo at lower center. "Produce Of U.S.A."--text, lower center. ""Grown and packed by / Exeter Citrus / Association / Exeter, California / Reg. U. S. Pat. Off."--text, lower right....
    • Convoy Brand.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000153
    • 1940-1950
    • Image of "Richgrove" battleship flanked by other ships. "Grown and packed / by / Richgrove-Jasmine Citrus Assn. / Terra Bella, Calif. / Produce of U.S.A."--text, lower left. Wrapped "Sunkist" orange at lower right.
    • Stearns' Highland Oranges.

    • ephJLC_CIT_000712
    • 1900-1910
    • Image of title lettering in a rectangle panel with branches of lemons and oranges in background. "Packed by / California Citrus Union / Highland, / San Bernardino, Co. / Cal."--text, lower right. "Mutual Label & Lith. Co. S. F."--text, lower left.


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